Wakey Wakey

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Discography

There’s no doubt about it, ‘The Journey’ took its toll on Rokkard. Lead axeman Gordon Isleworth didn’t even pick up a guitar again until Chester found him to play on 1996’s Lord Of The Rokk. The rest of the band knew that they couldn’t attempt something of that scale again for a while. Instead, after a riotous New Year’s Eve celebration, where they wrote the majority of the album, they decided to kick back and write some fun rock songs.

Featuring original artwork from guitarist Derek Tapiacombula, ‘Wake Up It’s 1981‘ (or !98¡ as it is stylised, which incidentally confused a lot of reviewers who incorrectly called it ‘Wake Up It’s 98’) is a great fun album. Damn Busters is a floor filler in every church hall in Surrey and Rock All Day, Sleep All Night is the number 1 single they never had. If you ever have a sleepy head, throw on ‘Wake Up’ and you certainly will!


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