Year   Title

1968   We Do Voodoo, Do You?

1969   Liberty Croissant

1969   Moon Pie (A White Man’s Lie)

1971   Ghostly Mansion

1972   Rokkard

1973   Rokkard II: Chester’s Quest

1974   The Day The Disco Died

1975   Jesus Died For Rokkard’s Sins

1977   Piss Off Elvis

1978   (It Ain’t Over ’Til) The Eagle Spreads Its Wings

1980   The Journey

1981   Wake Up It’s 1981

1982   Climb The Mountain

1983   Dr. Rokk’s All-Nite Surgery

1985   Slo-Mo

1986   Meat And Greet: Live In Effingham

1987   A Summer’s Tale

1988   A Winter’s Tale

1990   Creatures From The Deep

1993   Greatest Hits

1994   Rokkard Rave: The Ibiza Tapes

1995   OG From Compton (Near Guildford)

1996   Saddle Up!

1996   Lord Of The Rokk

1997   Brideshead Revisited Again

1998   A Knight At The Abbatoir

2000   Adjustable Sandwich

2000   Autumn Doom

2001   The Herb Trilogy: (I) Consultation Thyme (II) The Dock Of The Bay Life (III) Chicory Dickory Rokk

2003   Red Wine, Blue Fingers

2004   The Secret Life Of Antoine Fontaine

2005   Lithogiraffe

2006   Pavlov’s Dogfish

2007   Social Fretwork

2010   The Fisherman’s Gyroscope

2011   Get Bald!


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