The Journey

The Journey

Released 10th March 1980 on Fitzrovia Records


Side One

Forgotten Lands

Beyond The Rings Of Saturn

Side Two

VY Canis Majoris

I. 7h 22m 58.33s


III. Crab Nebula

IV. Supernova

V. Hypernova

Side Three

Mons Timor

I. Inferno

II. Purgatoria

III. Paradiso

Side Four

Ayotha Amirtha Gangai



Side Five


New Hemispheres

I. Tropic Of Cancer

II. Tropic Of Capricorn

Side Six

The Journey

I. Mu

II. Agartha

III. Shambhala

IV. Ithaca


Vocals – Chester

Rhythm Guitar – Didier Martin

Lead Guitar – Gordon Isleworth

Bass Guitar – Tony Italy

Drums – King Hermann

Keyboards – Roger Green

Percussion – Mad Tom Gregory

Produced by Roger Green


Recorded between 10 September 1979 and 17 January 1980 at The Barley Mow, Horsley


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