Gene Blunt

Gene Blunt – Born Blackwater Valley 1947
Bass guitar: 1971-1974
Rokkard’s second bassist, Gene Blunt had a patchy career before and after his stint with the Surrey metallers. Joining from Ash Vale outfit Dynamite Walls, Blunt first played on the ‘Ghostly Mansion’ album. His basswork was laughable on this and the follow-up ‘Rokkard’, but it was on ‘…Chester’s Quest’ where Blunt really let fly. He was made to go on an intensive bass course, taught by an up and coming Geddy Lee, and when he returned his fingers were honed machines of rock. Seven minute bass solos, at the request of Roger Green and Chester, adorned such songs as ‘Take This Sword’ and ‘The Amulet’.
As ever with a master of the four string, Blunt was seen as going too far on ‘The Day The Disco Died’. Many songs included battles between KK Jonas’ rock guitar and the funk slap bass of Blunt. After learning of  Chester’s decision to start work on the controversial ‘Jesus Died For Rokkard’s Sins’ Blunt left the band and was hastily replaced by funk maestro Dave Smegson who was in turn asked to recreate Blunt’s work. After leaving, Blunt created a new ‘God-Rock’ band in 1975 called Psalmwich. Although well received in Christian circles, they failed to make an impact on the hit parade. In 1980 Blunt joined Skelektronica and then in 1987 Shock-Rock outfit Turn ‘Em Green. Blunt is currently rehearsing for a Psalmwich reunion tour.

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