Hallelujah Smith

Born 1900 – The Sudan

Hallellujah Smith was the shortest serving member of Rokkard. He drummed on two tracks from the ‘Voodoo’ album, ‘Short Skirts And Shorter Tempers’ and ‘Blues In E Minor’. Smith had previoulsy played in numerous marching bands the length and breadth of the land that would become Bracknell. At Rokkard’s birth in 1965, Smith owned a pub called ‘The Ghostly Mansion’ (the 1971 album of the same name was a homage to Chester’s humble beginnings) and insisted on playing drums if he was to let them play. After a 3 year residency at his pub, the band signed a lucrative deal. However after four days in a hot studio, Smith succumbed to crippling arthritis and had to retire from rock. He died tragically in his bar when it was mysteriously burnt to the ground the folowing week. His drum stool was filled by Blakey Collapsion for the recording of the remainder of the album.


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